We have created a beautiful gift set featuring our most loved creams to make gift giving to your dear ones easier!The gift box contains a set of our best-selling products: Berrich Day Cream 50 ml, Berrich Night Cream 50 ml and Berrich Eye Cream 15 ml.
Original price was: 107.00€.Current price is: 80.25€.
The powder scrub gently removes dirt and revives the skin. Jojoba pearls and bamboo flour exfoliate the skin and prepare it for the beneficial active ingredients in the scrub - powerful antioxidants from seaweed furcellaran and Algalithe that rejuvenate, smooth wrinkles, and relieve inflammation.
Want to know how the creams feel, look, smell and work on your skin? Test our Night, Day, eye , Light and Hand creams and fall in love!


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