The Power of Clean Beauty

The idea for BERRICHI originates from it's founder Berit Joosep and her struggle with her skin. Dry, allergic reactions and inflammations forced her to look for natural alternatives to over-the-counter products. She created creams in her own kitchen, drawing inspiration and wisdom from books on herbal cure and ancient beauty traditions.

BERRICHI is founded on belief that clean and natural is the best for the skin.
Nature, traditions and science meet in BERRICHI: two years of research on algae, renowned in Asian beauty traditions for centuries, and super oils used in herbal cure around the world.

What if Your skincare would be based on natural intelligence of Your skin cells? Well, that’s what BERRICHI does - awakens Your skin’s own CHI. Nature’s strongest antioxidant, algae based astaxanthin, furcellaria and 5 rare herbal oils in BERRICHI SKINCARE help Your skin bloom.
The power of algae and super oils formed into skincare after two years of research with the help of scientists from Tallinn University and Tartu Biotechnology Park. We appreciate the help of Baltic Blue Bio Alliance and Enterprise Estonia.
Part of the name BERRICHI - “Chi”, comes from Asia as the idea to use algae in the creams.
The founders of BERRICHI have put their CHI – their energy and soul – into BERRICHI.

The ingredients and consistency of BERRICHI Skincare have been tested and researched thoroughly. The key ingredients, algae-based antioxidants and super oils, are a perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. BERRICHI renews, nourishes and protects skin deep-down. This results in an even texture and tone, and natural elasticity and immunity.

ALGAE are the secret cleaners, nourishers and protectors of the oceans and marine life. They have been at the heart of Asian beauty traditions for centuries due to their moisturising, calming and anti-aging properties. They are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and therefore smooth the texture of skin and eliminate toxins. Astaxanthin and furcellaran, powerful natural antioxidants derived from algae support cell renewal and health as well as skin’s natural performance and resistance to environmental stressors that cause lines and wrinkles.

OILS were used as secret weapons already in the beauty traditions of ancient Egyptians for achieving a bright and flawless complexion. BERRICHI contains the best of the best, the so-called super oils that consist of a wide spectrum of nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins. All oils used in the products of BERRICHI are natural and organic. Oils moisturise skin thoroughly and support the formation of a protective layer of lipids deep down in the dermis. As a result, Your skin is healthy and toned, and Your complexion is even. It is commonly believed that oils clog pores, but they actually send cells a balancing signal to stop overproducing sebum. This helps to relieve inflammations and narrow pores. While wax-based creams provide only a superficial and temporary effect, oils have a deep-down and lasting effect.