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Berrichi Loyalty Program

With Berrichi Loyalty Program, you enjoy bonus points and surprises.

Bonuses of the Loyalty Program

Bonus points from e-store purchases

Birthday bonus points

Registered user bonus points

What are the benefits of the Berrichi Loyalty Program?

By creating a user account, you can take part in these bonuses:​

  • ACCOUNT BONUS: By creating a BerrichI customer account, we will pay you immediately 50 points as a e-shop starting bonus.
  • FIRST PURCHASE BONUS: By making your first purchase in Berrichi e-store, you will receive 50 bonus points as a giftif your purchase amount is at least €20.
  • PURCHASE BONUS: When you buy products from the Berrichi e-store, you collect points with every euro. When you reach €100, 100 bonus points are added to your customer account, which is equivalent to a €5 discount in the e-shop.
  • BIRTHDAY BONUS: On your birthday we will give you 100 bonus points, which gives you a €5 discount in the e-shop. The birthday discount is valid for 7 days and for a shopping cart from 20 euros.
  • DAILY BONUS: Every day you log into your account on Berrichi website, you get 5 bonus points (you get bonus points for one login per day).
  • USER REVIEW BONUS: You get 10 bonus points for leaving a review on a purchased product.

Go check on your desktop if you have already accumulated bonus points!

Happy shopping as a friend of Berrichi!


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